The Cormoran Sailing School offers individual or group training to adults who want to learn to sail or perfect their knowledge.

All adult courses are offered on request, in the evening during the week or during the day on the weekend, depending on availability.

Type of course Content Duration and fees
Individual course Personalized training adapted to the needs of the student
Experienced instructors
Course of 3 hours
$135 per person, solo*
Group course Minimum of 2 students per course
Group of 6 students per course
Course of 3 hours
$120 per person in a group of 2
$95 per person in a group of 6 or more

* Prices may change without notice – GST and QST to be added.
The sailing school provides personal flotation devices (PFDs) and wetsuits.

Are you alone?

If you like, we can match you with other people.

Communicate with us to give us your contact information and your availability. We will contact you as soon as a match is possible.

Would you like to register?


Download and complete the registration form and mail it to the address shown on it.

To obtain more information about our group fees, or for any particular requests, do not hesitate to communicate with us!